Screening Room


McLean’s Money


Feature Film (preview)





Albert’s Chook Tractor


 TV Film (preview)

* ACS Award




Sexy Thing


 Short Film

* Cannes Official Selection

* Flickerfest, Best Cinematography



Desperate Deeds


Short Film

* ACS Award

* Hollywood Film Festival



All Saints


TV Series

* ACS Award





TV Commercials

Jenny Craig


“Closed Water”

 with Hayley Lewis






“Not Pretty Enough”





Mt Eliza


“Climb Your Mountain”

Business Management School 




NSW Government



 * ACS Award







Business Services






“Plenty More Fish In The Sea”

Fish Dinners




NIB Health Insurance


“Cover Your Ah’s”





Cypress Lakes Resort



 Brand TVC



Music Videos

Daisy Hicks 


“If I Can’t Make It”

* ACS Award




Cheyne Coates


“I’ve Got Your Number”

* ACS Award




Steve Gibson


“One More Goodbye”

* ACS Award




The Custom Kings







Brooke McClymont


“I Don’t Think, I Know”





Paul Winn Band


“Rescue Me”







Australian Government


“Your Own Path To Success”

National Disability Coordination Office







 Mitsubishi by Design






 “2011 Collection”





Cisco Systems


“Hanaro Telecom IPTV”

 South Korean Case Study








Demos & Tests

Reign Of The Wolf


Feature Film Demo

 * ACS Award




R.M. Williams


Documentary Feature Demo





Panavision HD Test


Extended Contrast Test

2001 with Panavision F900